Metro Scout League

2013 Fall Season will begin September 8th – October 6th


Metro Scout League Brings Baseball Scouts To The Players

Each fall, professional baseball scouts and college coaches from around the United States convene every Sunday, from September to October at the Craig Ranch 4plex in McKinney, Texas, to watch, evaluate, and recruit some of the best high school baseball players in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Each year, the Metro Scout League showcases an estimated 300 top players, in three divisions: 18/17-U 17/16U and 15/14-U.

“Each year, we have pro scouts from over 20 of the 30 MLB teams,” said Cade Griffis, a director with the MSL. “On the college front, we’ve had kids literally signed in the parking lot after the games. The beauty of the MSL is that the kids don’t have to pay a fortune to visit all of these schools, because the coaches come here to see them.”

The majority of the players who are invited to play in the MSL are recommended by professional scouts. There is an annual August tryout at Craig Ranch in McKinney. Each year an estimated 100-150 players show up to fill 20-40 available spots.

Each Sunday during the 5 week season, our 17/16-U teams, the juniors and sophomores, play each other at the 4-field complex at Craig Ranch beginning at 10 a.m. The 17/18-U teams, the juniors and seniors, play each other beginning at 2:30 p.m. On our annual Scout Day, players are tested for speed, arm strength, and agility. Scouts and college coaches are issued complete rosters, which include contact and academic information.

Weekly Metro Scout League video reports, featuring the hitters and pitchers of the games are posted on Last year’s reports averaged more than 1,000 hits per Sunday session.



Q: How do I get in the League?
A: There are two ways to get in the Senior division of the MSL:
1. The first way is strictly by invitation only. You must be invited by a pro scout or college coach. The 2nd way is we leave a minimum of 25 spots open for our tryout. It all depends on the year last year we left 35 spots and had 188 attend the tryout.
2: The 17U and 15U Divisions you must be invited by your summer league coach or you can make it out of the tryout.

Q: If I get invited do I have to go to tryout?

Q: What do you do with the scout day information?
A: We send all scout day and weekly velo charts to over 300 scouts every Monday morning.

Q: How does the playing time work?
A: For the 18U every pitcher throws 2 innings each week. We bat the entire line-up and who ever makes the last out of the game the next guy in the line-up will lead off the next week.
For the 17U and 15U division same with the hitters but pitchers might throw more.

Q: Does the MSL divisions go by grade or age?
A: Either does not matter in the fall. A 16U Junior can play in the 18U or the 17U.
18U Division: Top Seniors and Juniors pro prospects and D1 prospects.
17U Division: Junior that are not Juco, D3, and NAIA prospects and the top Sophomores in North Texas.
15U Division: Incoming Freshman and some of the top 14U players.

Q: Do I need to register for the tryout?
A: No just show up and we will register you there at that time.

Q: How are the players picked from the tryout?
A: The MSL will have 4 College Coaches evaluating and picking all the players from the tryout.

Q: What's the cost of the league if I make a team?
A: Between $650-$750 depending on the league you make.

Q: Do the same amount of scouts coming to the morning session that come to evening session?
A: No, there are way more scouts that come to the evening session. The evening session is made of the top unsigned seniors and juniors around also the top signed seniors that the pro scouts are coming to see. The morning session is made up of the top sophomores and Juco\D2/D3 type juniors and seniors.